• KISC has recently been served a notice to vacate the sports site. This is a very disappointing news as the site has been bringing a lot of joy to students and staff, and has been a tremendous blessing to the whole community, particularly at the time of the earthquake. Draft plans are being prepared to move Year K back on to the main academic site, as well as accommodating the maintenance team, sports staff and parking on the academic site and the operations property. The changes and dismantling of the site will occur over the Christmas holidays. We are thankful for the three years we had occupied the site, and we are hoping we would get an extension on the lease to finish off the academic year. Please join us in prayer for the extension, for all the changes that are happening and for the permanent site for KISC. "In everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:18

  • A musical night with KUTUMBA!
  • KISC added 18 new photos.Thank you, KUTUMBA for another amazing performance at KISC! More than 1 lakh rupees were raised for earthquake-affected schools. Thank you to everyone who attended!
  • Have you bought your tickets yet? Kutumba @ KISC Friday 28 August @ 5 pm. Get your tickets at KISC Reception: NRs. 300/adult, NRs. 100/child.

  • KISC added 4 new photos.KISC EQUIP aims to equip Nepali school communities with knowledge, tools and skills necessary to develop problem solving and creative thinking, and to lead the communities on the path of sustainability. One of the KISC EQUIP projects that reaches out beyond the school walls is the KITCHEN GARDEN PROJECT. Through Kitchen Garden project, KISC EQUIP empowers teachers and students in simple farming techniques tailored to regional conditions. The hope is that students and teachers will not only develop a school kitchen garden, but will bring the gained farming techniques to their communities, allowing families to become self-sustainable and break the cycle of malnutrition due to poverty. According to UNDP, 29% of children in Nepal are underweight and many go to school hungry, without a packed meal, and eat only once a day. A school kitchen garden could change that by involving staff and students in yielding nutritious produce out of the land to provide free meals for needy students. YOU can be a part of this transformation by donating to the KITCHEN GARDEN project. Help us develop kitchen gardens in our partner schools to allow the children a healthy, happy and nutritious learning years! For more information on how to donate, please contact equip@kisc.edu.np Thank you!