Secondary Guidance Counsellor

The Secondary Guidance Counsellor is a full time position working from 7.45am to 3.15pm each day and attend relevant during and after school meetings.

  • Guidance Counsellor is required to support students who are struggling with their learning or other concerns that they may have.
  • Guidance Counsellor also teaches 1 hour a week to the senior students helping them prepare and apply for college/universities
  • Guidance Counsellor promotes different career options through assemblies, materials, teaching times from Year 7-13.


  • Financed by Christian mission organisation or home church
  • Passion to serve God in Nepal
  • Relevant degree or equivalent experience for position
  • Mother tongue English or proven proficiency in English
  • Three references, two employers and one personal
  • Please review further details in the recruitment flyer


  • Minimum 2-year commitment
  • Teaching certification or ESL trained

Our internationally-hired staff work as volunteers. They are not paid a salary, but are instead sent and supported by a Christian mission organisation or by their home church. Benefit packages are reserved for international hires willing to commit to working for us for more than two years. 

Job Status: Immediate Hire