admission criteria

  • The availability of a place in the class and staffing for that class: primary is capped at 12-22 students per class and secondary capped at 20.
  • The school report from the previous school suggests that the child is suitable in terms of their academics, behavior, and attendance records.
  • The admissions test results of the child being assessed at KISC for sufficient proficiency in English and Mathematics for their age.
  • The parents should be willing for their child to fully participate in all of KISC's educational programs. The parents need to attend relevant meetings and parents and children should be comfortable in the general KISC environment and culture.
  • Parents whose mother tongue is not English are required to participate in the academic language learning of their child in their mother tongue, according to the KISC Academic Enhancement Policy.

Further criteria is based upon the following:

  • Students who have not been educated in an education system similar to KISC normally may not apply for Year 10 onwards, due to the difference in curriculum and style of learning.
  • We try to maintain the international nature of KISC and the balance of nationalities in the school, therefore numbers of nationalities will be monitored.
  • KISC has appropriate age restrictions for each class, please view the link for details about KISC's Placement System.
  • The KISC academic year runs from August to June each year. KISC admits students in Term 1 (August): Applications are due by the end of June.
  • We have very limited facilities for children with special education needs.