Volunteers - English as a Second Language (ESL) and Study Support

The ESL, Study Support and Assistants contribute to KISC’s success by allowing for parents, gap year students or other short term volunteers to work at KISC. These candidates must submit a Curriculum Vitae/Resume and references to apply.


  • Financed by Christian mission organization or home church
  • Passion to serve God in Nepal
  • Submit CV, references and necessary administrative paperwork
  • Please review further details in the recruitment flyer

Our internationally-hired staff work as volunteers. They are not paid a salary, but are instead sent and supported by a Christian mission organization or by their home church. Benefit packages are reserved for international hires willing to commit to working for us for more than two years.

Parents as short term volunteers for afterschool clubs, electives or other activities MUST have a medical and declaration form on file with reception.

Temporary Hire: Yes