Assessments and Grading

  • All children from Year 4-6 take the CAT test at the start of the academic year.
  • All children from Year 1-6 take the National Foundation for Educational Research/Nelson (NFER Nelson) tests in Math and the long form of English at the end of the year (late May or early June). The results give us information on progress, cohort achievement, curriculum coverage and also inform our reporting to parents. It is part of our transfer information to the Secondary School at KISC as well as to receiving schools as students leave KISC.
  • NFER results, CAT scores, % on Math check-ups (average for each term), ORT level, and Science (Year 5-6) assessments are put onto the school database for reporting and general information.
  • Reports are given to students and parents twice yearly; at the end of Terms 2 and 4. Effort grades are given for all subjects; achievement grades are given for Math, Literacy, and some other subjects (varies by year).