Budget Estimates

Some of the expected costs for living in Nepal can be viewed here. The church or mission sending organization is responsible for approving the staff member/s budget and maintaining the accounts. The following is discussed in USD.


If under a 2+ year contract with KISC, a new member of staff can qualify for one child's free tuition (or the equivelent of one Primary child's school tuition fees). If the MOU forgoes the free student placement, then the equivalent benefit package could be applied for each new hire:

  • Study visa fees are covered, however, spouse visas have some restrictions (see visa page) - about $40 monthly or $540 annually per person, plus $60 one off payment for multiple re-entry
  • KISC lunches $30 monthly or $360 annually
  • Return/round-trip flight to home country - one flight within a two year period and cost varies depending on distance (note that tax laws apply in deductions for reimbursement)
  • Nepali language classes - $90 for 15 hours a week for 60 hours per month for 3 hours a day for 5 days a week (see more here)
  • Accomodation at KISC Guesthouse including laundry, housekeeping, wifi - $300 monthly or $3,600 annually for a couple (700Rs per night for a single room)