Pokhara Study Centre (PSC)

Pokhara Study Centre was set up to serve families working for International Nepal Fellowship (INF) in Pokhara, but has always included a number of non-mission children, including Nepali children from British Gurkha Camp. The study centre aims to provide a quality education, which closely follows the British National Curriculum, within an international environment. Students are taught the core subjects of English, Maths and Science, plus History, Geography, Art, Craft, Technology, PE, Music, R.E., Citizenship, all within the Christian ethos of the study centre.

Recently, KISC signed an agreement with INF to support the running of PSC through education consultancy and other relevant services to enable the smooth running of the school, and open the school to the wider community.

Currently, PSC is a small school with about 35 children, following a British curriculum. Many of the children at Pokhara Study Centre do not have English as their first language, so children gain the experience of studying in an international and multi-cultural environment.

The school year includes four terms from early August to the end of June.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in PSC, please contact Catherine Price (psc.pokhara@inf.org).

If God is calling you to Nepal to teach, consider teaching at PSC. For more information on current teaching openings please refer to our teaching staff on our volunteer page.

These past two years have been the most incredibly challenging and the most incredibly wonderful times of my life. My class is smaller and so I know my students better. I know their families and they know mine. I am learning to teach students who have several ‘first languages’. I am learning to teach children who don’t speak a word of English when they arrive and I have smiled proudly when they thanked me as they left. I am learning to teach multiple grades at once and realized that it is possible and actually can be incredibly beneficial for my students. I am learning to work with a small team of teachers and how to support each other. I am learning how to work harder and how to rest. I am learning what it means to teach and I mean really teach each and every student. I am learning what is important. I am a better teacher for being here.
— Catherine Price, Principal
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