Prepare for Life in Nepal

The following information is to assist you in your preparations for volunteering in Nepal. Please review each section carefully. Should you have questions after reviewing the information please email us at


Passport / Visas

short term volunteers

  • Please make sure to have a current passport and check the expiration/expiry date to ensure your passport will be valid while you are in Nepal
  • You will need a tourist visa while you are in Nepal. You are allowed up to 5 months on a tourist visa during one calendar year. Ninety day visas can be purchased at the airport upon arrival. If you are staying longer than 90 days, we can assist you and take you to immigration to extend your visa.
  • If there is a Nepali embassy in your home country, you can apply for your visa prior to arriving in Nepal
  • Please bring appropriate finances to cover your visa costs

long term staff 

Once in the country, KISC assists long-term staff in obtaining a visa and a work permit for the duration of their stay in Nepal. Please plan on obtaining a tourist visa when arriving to Nepal for the first time. It is recommended you apply for a 30-day visa, after which KISC will apply on your behalf for a more permanent visa. 


Duration               Fee

15 days                  USD $25 or equivalent convertible currency

30 days                  USD $40 or equivalent convertible currency

90 days                  USD $100 or equivalent convertible currency


Purchasing Flights

  • Please confirm your travel dates to and from Nepal with your KISC representative prior to purchasing your tickets
  • Check your luggage restrictions
  • Make sure you do not need any additional visas to travel through other countries while en-route to Nepal



When packing, please consider the seasons and the culture. Women should dress modestly. No short shorts or revealing tops. Men - no tight tee shirts, vest tops or short shorts. Most items can be purchased in Nepal in the event you forget to pack something.

General Packing

  • Comfortable shoes for walking/exercise
  • Sandals for warm days; high heels are not suitable on the rough roads.
  • General Clothing for hot and cool days.              
  • Smart-casual clothes for work
  • General Toiletries
  • Prescription medications if needed.
  • Rain coat / umbrella
  • Torch / flashlight
  • Trekking gear if you plan on trekking – rucksack, fleece tops, walking boots.
  • Swimwear

Cold Weather december — february

It will be pleasant during the afternoon, but very cold in the morning and evenings, and very cold inside your living quarters. The following is recommended:

  • Base Layers
  • Warm Jacket
  • Warm Socks
  • Hat & Gloves
  • Warm Clothes



Dress clothes are not required. Please dress modestly with no low cut or revealing tops and no short shorts. Women rarely show their legs in Nepal.  For skirts that are questionable in length, please wear leggings underneath.



Volunteers can make reservations at the KISC guest house for the duration of their stay in Nepal. Daily rates for the guest house are NPR 1000 per night. Volunteers are welcome to make their own housing arrangements outside of the guest house.



KISC will send a representative and van to pick you up from the airport when you arrive. For general transportation walking, biking, bus and taxi rides are the primary methods.



There are many restaurants and grocery stores in the area. Cooking meals or eating out is always an option depending on one’s choice. Kitchens are available at guest houses for those who prefer to cook their own food. Daily School Lunches can be ordered.


Working Hours

KISC is open Monday – Friday from 7:45 am – 5pm. 
Depending on your volunteer responsibilities your working hours may vary.



KISC has PC computers you can use for work during the day. You may choose to bring a laptop for your own use.


Budget & Costs

It is up to each volunteer to calculate what budget amount is appropriate for them. Below is a list of costs that should be considered when making a budget:

  • Visa Costs: (see above visa info for rates)
  • Housing Costs: (NPR 1000 per day, should you choose to stay at KISC guest house)
  • KISC costs: KISC charges NPR 1500 for pickup from the airport, two days training which includes lunch and tea, and one hour each day of language class.
  • Meals: Volunteers are welcome to purchase their lunches while at school. KISC lunches cost NPR 5300 per month.  Volunteers are responsible for their own meals. There is a kitchen at the guest house for those who prefer to cook their own food or pack meals. NPR 20,000 would be a general monthly food cost. Someone who chooses to eat more Nepali food, the cost will be less. Someone who chooses to eat more western food, the cost will be more.


CC / ATM Cards

Credit Cards will work at some stores and restaurants but most will require cash. ATM booths are available close to the school if additional cash is needed.  


Cell Phones

If you do not have an international plan on your phone, you can purchase a local cell phone for around NPR 2000 or a new SIM card for your current phone for about NPR 200. 



Please check your countries recommended immunizations prior to travel. Immunizations can be purchased and given in Nepal at a low cost.


Traveling Throughout Nepal

There are many amazing opportunities in Nepal to travel, see, and experience the beauty of the country. As a volunteer, you are welcome to book different excursions outside of school hours. However, please make sure to communicate with your supervisor any travel plans you have, and complete a KISC out of valley contact form.