2016-17 TERM 3: ISSUE 2

Use your gifts with excellence

Our vision statement says: “To be living witnesses of Christ’s love through excellent education.” Recently, in leadership meetings, we have been talking
about what excellence means. With so many different backgrounds and cultures here at KISC, excellence can mean different things to different people. Read more →

2016-17 Term 2: Issue 2

the kisc community

To live, work and participate in a community such as KISC is an enormous privilege. KISC is a vibrant school encouraging students to participate in a range of activities. The context for KISC schooling is its commitment to the Christian faith, and in this framework, allows students to discover who they are, partly through their participation in different activities. Read more →

2016-17 Term 1: Issue 1

Welcome to Academic Year 2016-17

Welcome back to a new year, to new beginnings, to a fresh start. Especially warm welcome to our new staff and to all our new students and their families. It was great to meet many of those of you who are new parents on Tuesday and welcome you into our community. Those of you who were at assembly on Tuesday will know that we have launched our new community profile this term. Read more →

2015-16 Term 4: Issue 2


There are all kinds of transitions that we face in life. Transition is the processes or periods of change from one state to another, that are made during a lifetime. It is the journeys that we make as we grow. Common transitions that we face include coming to Nepal, leaving Nepal, preparing for the first examination, leaving school for college or university, transitioning from single to married life, from primary to secondary school – the list goes on. Read more →