School management committee


SMC MEmbers 2019-20 (Front row Left to Right): Michelle zygmont, judy gerber, sun-min kim, kelsi mcgillivray, jo gurung back row (Left to right): khim kandel, mr pandey, kapil sharma and jason loper

The School Management Committee (SMC) governs KISC to ensure that the school is working according to its vision statement.  It has three areas of responsibility:

  • Having oversight of what goes on at KISC

  • Providing insight to the KISC Leadership Team (LT)

  • Offering foresight on the future of KISC

The committee is made up of representatives of KISC parents and staff, members of Human Development and Community Services (HDCS) and others who wish to serve KISC and support its aims. There is also a representative from the Ministry of Education.

The SMC meets six times a year to review KISC’s performance, its financial position, its agreement with the Ministry of Education, to pray for KISC and to ensure things are running smoothly. The past year has involved overseeing the move to Thecho, appointment of Judy Gerber as the new KISC Director and continuing to develop ideas for the future of the new site and KISC Education Quality Improvement Programme (EQUIP).