Welcome to KISC EQUIP

KISC EQUIP works with teachers to equip them with the tools and skills necessary to develop problem solving and creative thinking as well as good character in students. EQUIP works with students, parents, school management committees and the community to encourage a mind-set that everyone has an important role towards improving education in Nepal.

KISC EQUIP partners with both rural and urban (community and private schools) Nepali schools that desire to rise above the many challenges of the current education system in Nepal.

Our aim is to support the achievement of national education strategy by equipping teachers to effectively implement the National Curriculum of Nepal. We work in partnership with concerned Government agencies such as the District Education Offices to provide practical teacher training, parent workshops, leadership development training and more.

EQUIP is committed to working with schools for at least five years, with KISC EQUIP teacher trainers visiting each partner school at least four times a year. In some schools, KISC EQUIP facilitates weekly or fortnightly teacher learning communities through which teachers share teaching techniques and philosophies.

Teacher trainers provide subject-specific training as well as training in classroom management, reading aloud,  professional motivation, developing local teaching resources, ICT and more. The aim is to help teachers move away from the traditional rote learning, theoretical teaching and develop interactive and child-friendly learning and teaching environment. 


A note from the director of KISC EQUIP

 Khim Kandel, EQUIP/TEC Director

"Being brought up in a rural community in Nepal and having attended a rural government school, I have a heart to improve the quality of education in Nepal. EQUIP is a shared vision of KISC that provides training for Nepali school communities to improve the quality of education and enable them to positively transform their own lives and that of their communities. 

EQUIP seeks to demonstrate the love of Christ in action and take our values of love, grace, community, justice and excellence to school communities where the education needs are greatest. We have a vision to develop a future teacher training college to empower rural teachers through access to quality teacher training."  - Khim Kandel, EQUIP/TEC Director


You can get a taste of EQUIP and two of our projects by watching these videos.

Who we are

EQUIP forms part of Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC) and its overall Vision, Mission and Values are incorporated into those of KISC EQUIP. 

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EQUIP staff are teacher educators from Nepal and other countries with a wide range of experience, knowledge and skills in education.


EQUIP seeks to provide training for Nepali school communities that will improve the quality of education and to enable them to positively transform their own lives and their communities.


We believe that each student and teacher is unique and we aim to help them discover their full identity and purpose in life.


• Building relationships and trust with individuals and communities through affirmation and a loving attitude

• Encouraging, supporting and equipping Nepali teachers to implement the Nepal National Curriculum through innovative and creative approaches. 

• Networking and partnering with other organizations who have similar values and aims for improving education in Nepal. 

• Fostering in our partner schools a learning environment that supports teachers and their students to develop as creative and critical thinkers who can be self-reliant, life-long leaners.

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